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Illustration Artist neofruits

neofruits is all about illustration art and neofruits is also me, Uli. I love creating and drawing. For me it is a form of meditation and going in. Tuning in with myself, spirit and the world as it talks to me. In nature and at the beach I feel home and that’s why my artwork is mainly on those topics.

With a minimalistic expression in black and white I bring my vision onto paper and create artwork on places I’ve been or I've seen in my minds journey. Creating art is a passion and it feels like a life purpose.

Essentially you’ll find black and white illustrations on these pages. But also art by neofruits means poetry or any form of juggling with words.

With my illustrations I want to inspire you to be out in nature, to connect and to enjoy the beauty of black and white art and life itself. The planet is a beautiful place to live in and this needs to be shown a little more. We as humans create this place, not only with our hands but also with our head.

It is a journey into new and beautiful stories, worlds and times. So let's dive in together into illustrations of nature, spirit and magic. 

May magic be all around you. Much love!

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