Surf Art Black and White Forrest Shack
Illustration Artist neofruits

neofruits is all about design and neofruits is also me, Uli. I love design and I’m professionally working as a designer for years – for now as a UX Designer. In surf and urban art I feel home and that’s why my artwork is mainly on those topics. I call it the design of culture. With contrasts and minimalistic designs in black and white I express ideas and create artwork on places I’ve been or impressive people.

Creating art is a passion and it feels like a life purpose. Essentially you’ll find black and white illustrations on these pages. But also art by neofruits means poetry, film, animation and of course a combination of all of them. neofruits goal is to spread love and inspiration through every peace of surf and urban art. With these artworks I want to inspire you to be out in nature, to create and to enjoy the beauty of black and white design and life itself. The planet is a beautiful place to live in and this needs to be shown a little more. We as humans create this place, not only with our hands but also with our thoughts.

So join neofruits on a journey through space, a float through time and oceans beauty. Surf into the pulsating urban life where you get to know fascinating people and minds. Learn about beautiful places without any distraction of color, mostly black and white. This is the design of culture. If you want to get a spot right down here in my projects reach out and we create together. Or check out some more artwork and sketchbook illustrations and say hi on my Instagram page. Much love!


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