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Urban Culture – Urban Art and Wall Design

Urban art and wall design is impressive and adds beauty to every city or environment. It is communication and exchanging informations in beautiful ways. Exploring new cities with all their hidden specialties brings you memories. Behind every corner you could find art made by people and also these interesting humans too. You will never forget going on mural tour and find some fancy pieces hidden in most run down backyard. It is all about exploring as in nature and that makes your heart jump. All these different styles and techniques inspire you to dream. They take you on a journey in your mind apart from a loud and busy city. It creates positive emotions and feelings like these will always stay. These illustrations are keeping those memories alive on a daily basis. Every piece is a feeling not every one knows about.

All these urban art and wall designs are available as poster, sticker and postcards. They are also obtainable on other mediums like notebooks and fashion. Just get in touch if your favorite illustration is not a product yet. If you love to own an urban art design on your own medium (e.g. longboard deck) contact me here. We will find a way to make it happen.

If you are interested in a custom urban art and wall design like a portrait of your favorite artist fill out the contact form. It also could be a mural of your favorite nerd stuff if you like. Also if you need more inspiration on black and white designs please check out the neofruits Instagram page. Here you find more art, quotes, sketches and also animations. You can of course say hello over there as well.

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